Remain Successfully Lose Weight Despite Being on Vacation

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Making weight loss does require strong commitment. But sometimes, this commitment collapses when the holiday season arrives. Yes, when dieting you will usually loosen strict abstinence foods imposed on normal days. For example, eating fried foods, and intake of coconut milk and fat.

Not to mention if your vacation destination is attached to the culinary city image, finding good food is a must. Not surprisingly, a healthy diet and eating patterns fall apart and gain weight.

But still, you can still really lose weight even though it’s vacation. Let’s find out the tips here:

Vacation with the right people
Your friend during a vacation greatly influences lifestyle during the holidays. Therefore, choose a vacation friend who is not very fond of eating. This will help put the brakes on the desire to eat and snack while on vacation.

Look for activities while on vacation
Having activities and a schedule of activities that are quite dense will make you forget the desire to sit around and buy food. Arrange travel plans before leaving. Make sure you obey the plan that was made.

Reduce the size of the meal
If during the holidays you want to taste good food in an area, try to reduce portions by sharing. For example, sharing fatty foods, sweets, or portions of rice with traveling companions.

Balance with vegetables and fruit
Eating well during the holidays needs to be balanced with fiber consumption. Do not just carbohydrates and fats, also consume lots of fruits and vegetables during the holidays. In addition to making you full longer, fiber also smooths the bowel movement while traveling.

Drink a lot of water
By consuming lots of water you can increase your body’s metabolism in burning calories from food intake. In addition, you can also feel full and reduce the desire to overeat.

Sports on the sidelines of the holidays
If it is not possible to do sports while on vacation, you can work around this by choosing to walk rather than ride a vehicle.

You can also choose to take the stairs or escalator instead of taking the elevator. In addition, in the morning before leaving the house, do light exercise, such as sit ups, push ups, planks, or squats.

Choose a healthy diet
Choosing a healthy diet is very influential on the diet. You can choose foods that are boiled rather than fried foods. The protein consumed must also be considered.

Instead of choosing meat or chicken that is higher in fat, you can eat fish. Also avoid fast food or junk food because the fat content is quite large. In addition, avoid sugary drinks. Even if you have to, try to reduce the composition of sugar.

Get enough sleep
Vacation does not mean that your sleep time is interrupted. Still try to sleep at night for 7-8 hours. This will help the body’s metabolism work more optimally in burning calories.

Holidays are not a reason to eat carelessly and trigger weight gain. Applying some of the tips above, can help you maintain and even lose weight while on vacation. Keep your commitment to keep on eating a healthy diet and slipping sports activities during the holidays. To maintain endurance during a vacation, you can also take health supplements that contain 1000m vitamin C which is easily absorbed by the body and safe in the stomach.