Tips for Healthy Eating for People with Hepatitis A

cereal food grain

Transmission of hepatitis A through food or drink makes hepatitis A sufferers need to adopt a healthy diet to improve their condition.

The outbreak of hepatitis A was also affected by the drought that was sweeping over, so that the community also lacked clean water. As a result of poor water sanitation, the spread of the hepatitis A virus is even faster.

The hepatitis A virus is also easily spread by fecal-oral transmission. That is, a person can become infected with hepatitis A if he consumes food or drink that is contaminated with patients’ feces.

In addition, food processing by people infected with hepatitis A (without washing hands first) can also accelerate the spread of the virus. Therefore, in choosing food or drinks should make sure cleanliness.

Although hepatitis A infection does not cause chronic liver disease and rarely is fatal, however, although rare, some cases of hepatitis A can also cause fulminant hepatitis A (acute liver failure). This is very dangerous because it has a high risk of death.

Patients with hepatitis A must maintain their diet
Hepatitis A sufferers also need to adopt a healthy diet. Therefore, unhealthy eating patterns can cause more severe liver damage.

Consumption of foods that are too oily, fatty or sweet foods can make the liver weakened or called fatty liver. This can lead to hardening of the liver which will make the hepatitis drug ineffective.

Therefore, people with hepatitis A should avoid consuming food and drinks, such as:

  • Foods that are high in saturated fats such as butter, cream, fatty meats, fried foods, and fast food.
  • Sweet foods and drinks such as cakes and soda.
  • Foods that are high in salt, for example processed foods and fast food.
  • Alcohol.
  • Raw food.

Patients with hepatitis A (and also other hepatitis) often experience nausea, making it difficult to eat. If you feel nauseous when eating large portions, try eating smaller portions, but with a more frequent frequency. To get enough calories, you can eat foods or high-calorie milk.

Frequent vomiting can also make hepatitis A sufferers vulnerable to dehydration. For that, make sure you get enough fluid intake. Although water is still the best, but liquid can also be obtained from fruit juice or milk.

In addition, avoid taking any drug or supplement without any advice from your doctor, even though the drug or supplement is claimed to cure your hepatitis A quickly.

The medicines that you consume will be metabolized by the body in the liver. So, taking drugs or supplements that you don’t really need will actually make your liver work harder.

Whether you have hepatitis A or not, your body will always need healthy nutrition. With a balanced nutritious diet, you will get enough nutrients needed such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Liver organ sufferers of hepatitis A need to work extra to get rid of the hepatitis A virus. Therefore, sufferers need to adopt a healthy diet. Wash all meat, fruit, vegetables to get rid of the remnants of viruses and germs. Also make sure you wash your hands before and after preparing food to avoid contamination.