How to reduce cholesterol levels? Healthy Eating, the Solution

Don’t bother choosing a risky diet. Reducing cholesterol levels can be done by implementing a healthy diet. Guaranteed effective!

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Apparently, not all people who have high cholesterol levels understand how to reduce cholesterol levels safely. In fact, according to Dr. Amalia Primahastuti SpGK, to reduce or keep cholesterol levels safe, you only need to run a healthy diet every day.

Cholesterol levels are very important to be maintained. The goal is that he does not turn into a trigger for heart disease and blood vessels that can kill you at any time. This condition often appears in those who like to eat meat, fatty foods, and oily foods.

Don’t eat as long as you’re full!
If the trigger for high cholesterol is food, then to overcome this must also be with food. But, before overcoming it with a healthy diet, there is one thought that you must take good care of, that is, you cannot eat it as long as you are full!

The reason is, the original mindset of eating is full which makes you eat carelessly. Unlike the case if from the start, you already understand if the food consumed must have balanced nutrition. Of course you will still be able to taste delicious food without having to be affected by health problems.

A healthy diet to reduce cholesterol
The rules for a healthy diet that can be applied to reduce cholesterol levels according to Dr. Amalia, among others:

  • Substitute simplex carbohydrates, such as white rice, white bread, and noodles, into complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, oatmeal, or whole wheat bread. Complex carbohydrates contain fiber, so they can help you in reducing cholesterol.
  • Also meet the needs of soy protein, choose a healthy source of fat (unsaturated fat), for example from olive oil or avocados. Don’t forget, also consume foods or drinks that contain plant sterols or stanols.
  • Maintaining cholesterol does not mean you should not consume animal protein at all. You can consume egg white, skinless chicken, fish or lean meat in reasonable portions.
  • Besides soybeans, vegetable protein that you need to consume is red beans. You must also pay attention to cooking techniques. Eat foods that are baked, steamed, sauteed, pressed, or steamed, do not choose those that are fried in a hot oil bath.
  • If it is difficult to avoid foods that contain cholesterol, balance it with fiber consumption. Increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, or foods and drinks that contain plant sterols or stanols. That way, the absorption of cholesterol by the body can be inhibited.
  • The portion size you must pay attention to. How, by using hands or dinner plates. One fist can be used to measure one portion of rice, vegetables, or fruit.
  • For one serving of protein, the right size is about the size of your palm. As for one portion of fat (oil or butter), only a finger tip.
  • If you want to measure it with a plate (medium size plate), fill half the plate with carbohydrates and protein. In half the plates, one third are protein and two thirds are carbohydrates. The other half is filled with two-thirds vegetables and one-third fruit.
  • If the stomach starts to feel full, don’t force it to eat again.

Maximize a healthy diet with exercise
A healthy diet is indeed effective for lowering cholesterol levels. However, if you want maximum results and cholesterol levels can be maintained remain stable, then a healthy diet must be accompanied by exercise.

According to Dr. Andika Widyatama, aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that is recommended to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). Therefore, sports such as running, swimming, gymnastics, and cycling are types of sports that stimulate the heart and lungs to work more optimally.

“In addition to aerobic exercise, exercise that is to train muscle strength is believed to improve the quality of lipid profiles in the body, including cholesterol in them,” explained Dr. Andika

For the recommended frequency, you exercise at least three times a week, with each duration of at least 30 minutes.

“It should be noted too, to reduce levels of bad cholesterol, the duration of time is more important than the intensity when you exercise. The more calories wasted, the greater the reduction in LDL cholesterol levels and the increase in HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol), “he added.

A healthy diet and exercise are the key to lowering cholesterol levels. However, it will be useless if you do not do it consistently. A healthy diet that is not done consistently will only make cholesterol levels go up and down,